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Fall Yoga News!

Posted by Kerry Turner on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcome to the Fall Yoga Session!

Change in seasons is a great time to reflect and consider changes we are experiencing and how we adapt to our ever changing selves? Yoga is a wonderful practice, but also very challenging as it asks us to be in this unpredictable state of change and learn healthy tools and strategies for coping, managing and ultimately thriving and flowing with the changes. The Yoga practice at once deeply soothing and calming but also a practice that is vulnerable and challenging. It is within these spaces of vulnerability that we meet the depths of ourselves. We then utilize the empowering practice of self-awareness and mindfulness as effective tools for living a resilient, vibrant and healthy life.

I hope you will join me in some of my offerings this Fall aimed at helping to empower you on your journey of wellness and health!




Yoga with Kerry E-Newsletter (In Brief!)

1.   Fall Yoga Schedule  Sept.23-Dec.17th

2.   New Drop-in and Registered Class offerings

3.   Yoga in the Park Fundraiser for SPCA! Raised $439.88!!

4.   Private Lessons availability

5.   Yoga with Kerry on Social Media



1. New Fall Yoga Schedule   Sept.23-Dec.17th

Please note: Classes are cancelled on holidays (Monday Oct.12th & Wednesday Nov.11th)





Yoga for Healing



(registered class)


Intro to Yoga Therapeutics



Yoga for Healthy Backs



(registered Class)


Relax Yoga





Slow Flow Yoga





2. New Drop-in and Registered Class Offerings!

Please note: **NEW PRICES    Drop-in classes are $14/class or $125/10x punch pass

8 week registered classes = $95

*Please register online


Pre-Registered Classes:

Yoga for Healing:  

Sept.28th-Nov.23rd  (Omit Oct.12th Thanksgiving holiday)

Yoga for Healing is a progressive 8 week Yoga Therapy program. This small group Yoga class will focus on the healing elements of Yoga therapy designed to primarily help reduce the stress response in the body and encourage the body and mind to build strength and resiliency to function at its optimal state. This beautiful class will incorporate many Yoga Therapy elements that encourage a deep sense of connection, inner peace and healing, mentally, emotionally and physically. Each class will build from the previous one using Yoga Therapy tools designed to help let go and then build strength and resiliency such as; Body/Breath awareness, calming breathwork, gentle & mindful movement, somatics movement, restorative yoga, Yoga Nidra, deep relaxation, meditation, hand mudra’s, affirmations and mantra. Yoga for Healing is recommended for everyone and especially relevant for anyone looking to commit to their practice and their healing process.

 Some common issues that Yoga Therapy has been found to be helpful:

   Feelings of stress, anxiety, worry, uncertainty, grief

    Insomnia, difficulties sleeping

   Depression, mood disorders

   Digestive issues

   Inflammatory issues: fibromyalgia, IBS, allergies, asthma,

   Arthritis; osteo and rheumatoid

   Chronic Pain

   Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Heart Disease, Hypertension


Yoga for Healthy Backs:

Sept. 30-Nov.25th (omit Nov.11th Remembrance Day)

The Yoga Therapy approach to a healthy back is a mind-body centered practice. Back pain is a bio-psycho-social issue and Yoga Therapy helps to strengthen all these layers and help you see your body/mind as strong and healthy!

In terms of the "Bio" component we will explore functional alignment principles and then use these alignment principles in mindful movement including somatics, joint freeing series, and yoga asana. 

In the "Psycho" component we will be exploring how pain is a signal received through the nervous system and into the brain. We will be working with tools to help build resiliency in the brain and the neural networks (the way the brain communicates to the muscles/nerves) also known as neurophysiology. These practices include; meditation, body/breath awareness, somatics, relaxation, restorative yoga, and breathwork. Finally, the "Social" component involves the group class experience. By practicing amongst other participants you receive benefits by being in a supportive, safe environment. 

This holistic 8 week class will involve a variety of Yoga Therapy tools and practices which we will build upon in each week. 


Drop-in Classes:

Relax Yoga   Mondays 6:45-8pm

Enjoy a soothing, relaxing yoga class designed to help you unwind tension from the body and mind and find a sense of ease and steadiness. Each class will include mindful movement, relaxing breathwork, meditation, restorative yoga postures, hand mudra’s, and deep relaxation. Bring your meditation cushion, block, blanket and bolsters. A perfect way to get grounded, calm and centered for your week ahead! Relax yoga is relevant for all students, especially those wishing to find a little more ease and peace in their lives.


Intro to Therapeutic Yoga   Tuesdays 9:30-11am

What is Yoga Therapy? Yoga Therapy is a therapeutic mind-body practice for specialized conditions and issues and is relevant practice for anyone seeking mind/body self-development. In this Intro to Yoga Therapeutics we will explore a variety of these Yoga Therapy tools and practices to help empower you in your self-care practices. These tools are designed as effective mindfulness techniques to help release stress and build resiliency physically, mentally and emotionally. In these classes you can expect to practice mindful movement, somatic exercises, joint freeing movement, variety of breathwork practices, meditation practices, hand mudra’s, yoga Nidra, and deep relaxation. This class is relevant for all students especially those of limited mobility and wishing to build strength and balance.


Slow Flow Yoga   Wednesdays 6:45-8pm

In this slowed down version of Vinyasa Flow Yoga we will explore mindful movement through a traditional Vinyasa format, but slowed down to connect a little more with the breath and the experience in the moment. These classes will be intelligently designed sequences using optimal alignment and awareness as you move fluidly towards a peak pose. We will explore a variety of physical postures as well as breathwork, meditation, and deep relaxation. These classes are relevant for students with some yoga experience as well as students without any physical injuries. Slow Flow Yoga is a great class for anyone needing movement to help them relax as well as for athletes (weekend warriors, too!) looking for mind/body balance in their programs.


3. Yoga in the Park Fundraiser

Thank you everyone who supported in person and in spirit to our summer Yoga in the Park series! Even with all the extremes in weather, there was lots of enthusiasm and positive energy from everyone who participated. This summer we raised a total of $439.88 that will be going towards the BC SPCA Paws for a Cause happening in September! I will be at the event and hopefully see you there! Thank you again for such a wonderful summer experience and hope to see you again soon on your mat.


4. Yoga Therapy Private Sessions

If you are looking for one on one guidance in your Yoga practice or have specific issues that you would like to learn yoga therapy practices, book a private Yoga session with Kerry. Kerry offers Private Yoga Sessions on Sundays at either 9:30am or 4pm in the comfort of your own home. Please book online at 

The first private session is 1.5hrs and includes an assessment and intake. Subsequent sessions can be at 1 or 1.5hours.

1.5hr session=$90

1hr session=$70


5. Yoga with Kerry on Social Media!

Yes, its true, Yoga with Kerry is on Social Media and there is lots of fun, interesting and relevant information being shared through these sites. Check it out and add Yoga with Kerry to receive updated information on classes, workshops, retreats and valuable new research, home practices and a great way to stay connected.





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