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Fall Yoga NewsLetter

Posted by Kerry Turner on Saturday, August 30, 2014

Yoga with Kerry Fall 2014 Program and Classes


Hello Yogi’s!

I am so excited to be getting back to full time teaching after a long summer break fully immersed in books, studying, writing and too much time with my computer! I am nearly halfway done my 1000-hour Professional Yoga Therapy Internship program and feeling incredibly inspired and motivated to put my depth of learning into action!

There is a lot of Yoga News as we enter the Fall Season, so please take a moment to scroll through this newsletter, as there are a few changes, laws to adhere to, new workshops & courses and a new Yoga Teacher!


Fall Yoga with Kerry E-Newsletter:

1.    Anti-Spam legislation

2.    New Yoga Teacher (Marnie!)

3.    Group Classes: begin September 15th  (Gentle Yoga & Flow Yoga)

4.    Registered Yoga Classes: begin the week of September 29th  (Lunch Yoga & Yoga for Healing)

5.    Fall Workshops: Yoga for Stress Management & Yoga for Chronic Pain

6.    Yoga in your community: Lunch Yoga at Teck, Yoga for Stroke Recovery, Yoga for Acute Psychiatry, Yoga for Athletes

7.    Yoga with Kerry Social Media! Get involved, check out the facebook and twitter feeds!




1. Anti-Spam Legislation:

Canada's new Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) came into effect on July 1, 2014, and requires that you provide your consent to receive any electronic communications. I greatly value our relationship and would like to continue providing relevant information such as upcoming classes, workshops and more! Yoga with Kerry acquired your email address from the sign-in sheet you signed which is considered “implied consent” (according to CASL). However, I deeply respect your privacy and do not want my emails to be a nuisance to you in your inbox. At any time you would like to have your email address removed from my list, please simply reply to this email with the Subject line: Unsubscribe and I will immediately remove your name from the list. Thank you so much for your cooperation as we all navigate this new and hopefully helpful legislation.


2. New Yoga Teacher

Please welcome Marnie Laser to the Yoga with Kerry team. Marnie has been recently trained in the 200hour Yoga Teachers Training at SOYA. As well, Marnie has been a long time student of Kerry’s classes and has extensive background teaching Kinesiology and is therefore well versed in her knowledge and application of anatomy/physiology and alignment. Marnie will be teaching 2 classes: Wednesday Lunch Yoga and Thursday Gentle Yoga. Marnie is looking forward to meeting you and is busy preparing her amazing lesson plans for interesting and diverse yoga classes!


3. Group Yoga Classes begin: September 15th

All group yoga classes begin the week of September 15th and are held at the KP Hall in Trail. Community Classes Include; Gentle Yoga (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) and Flow Yoga (Wednesday). These classes are open to everyone; all levels and drop-in’s are always welcome. These classes are great for the student who needs some flexibility in their schedule, who likes to try different classes and teachers and who likes to have a regular, ongoing class. Please note: Punch passes are good for ALL the community classes.

Drop-ins: $12

10x Punch Pass: $105

Punch passes can be purchased by cash, cheque (made payable to Kerry Turner) or online via Paypal on 


Yoga Class Schedule:

Gentle Yoga

Mondays 6:45-8:15pm with Kerry

Tuesdays 9:30-11am with Kerry

Thursdays 9:30-11am with Marnie

Flow Yoga

Wednesdays 6:45-8:15pm with Kerry



4. Registered Yoga Classes begin: September 29th

Registered classes are a great way to commit to yourself and your Yoga practice. It is always difficult with full schedules to make time for ourselves, and sometimes in our busyness we even put ourselves and our well-being last on the list. By committing to a registered Yoga class you are essentially committing to your own health and wellbeing and making yourself a priority!

**Please register for your class online (under the schedule page) using the link on the top right hand corner. The link will guide you through and includes an option to pay for your class. Once you register you will receive a confirmation email as well as a reminder email closer to the start of class. This is a new software program, so please bear with me as we embark on this new, and hopefully efficient method for registration!

**Classes need a minimum registered for them to run, so please register early! Thank you


1. Yoga for Healing    Mondays 5:30-6:30pm    Sept.29th-Dec.1st

 10 week program  $100  @ KP Hall, Trail

Yoga for Healing is a progressive, 10 week Yoga Therapy program. This small group Yoga class will focus on the healing elements of Yoga therapy designed to primarily help reduce the stress     response in the body and encourage the body and mind to function at its optimal state. This beautiful class will incorporate many Yoga Therapy elements that encourage a deep sense of connection, inner peace and healing, mentally, emotionally and physically. Each class will build from the previous one using Yoga Therapy tools such as; Body/Breath awareness, calming breathwork, gentle & mindful movement, somatics exercises, restorative yoga, Yoga Nidra, deep relaxation, meditation, hand mudra’s, affirmations and mantra. Yoga for Healing is for everyone, no previous experience needed.


2. Lunch Yoga 12:05-12:55pm 12 week program  $110   @ KP Hall, Trail

Tuesdays with Kerry      Sept. 30-Dec.16th

Wednesdays with Marnie    Oct. 1-Dec. 17th

Lunch Yoga is a progressive, gentle flow yoga practice designed to help you mindfully move your body and find ease in your mind! Lunch yoga is a great way to nourish your body and mind and help you feel refreshed and ready for your afternoon. Participants often report how great they feel after Lunch Yoga and feel calmer and more focused in their afternoons. Each Lunch Yoga class will include; mindful movement, breathwork, deep relaxation and centering. Lunch Yoga is for everyone, no previous experience necessary.

** Please note: You can register for one or both days. You can also make up classes if you have to miss one week.



5. Yoga Therapy Workshops

Workshops are a wonderful way to move deeper and more fully into your Yoga experience. Workshops are incredible for Yoga students that want to have a deeper immersion into their Yoga practice as well as for students that may not be able to commit to weekly classes.

All workshops are held at the KP Hall, Trail

**Please register for your workshop online under the workshop page. You will find the link to register at the bottom of the page.


1. Yoga for Stress Management: Sunday October 19th 3-6pm   $60

We all experience some levels of stress in our lives, there is the "good" stress which helps us get up in the day and get moving, then there is the harmful stress. When we live chronically in this state of heightened chronic, harmful stress it can have negative effects on our body and minds. Everyone manifests stress differently and can show itself as digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, inflammatory disorders, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings, insomnia, migraine headaches, poorly functioning immune system, headaches, food/sugar/caffeine/alcohol cravings/addictions, high blood pressure, autoimmune disorders, and other stress-related (psychosomatic) disorders.  Yoga for Stress Management is a workshop using Therapeutic Yoga principles such as; calming breathwork, hand mudra's, Yoga Nidra, body/mind awareness scans, gentle movement, restorative yoga, meditation and deep relaxation.  The ancient practice of yoga empowers us with practical and life changing tools to help us become aware of our triggers and stress responses and make conscious choices to reduce our stress levels and help change and reverse the negative chain reaction that stress has on our bodies and mind.  Join me for an informative and empowering afternoon of therapeutic yoga designed to give you the tools for reducing stress and helping you live optimally in your life. 

**For everyone, no previous Yoga experience necessary


2. Yoga for Chronic Pain

Session #1: Lower Body and Pelvis   Sunday November 16th 3-6pm  $60

Session #2: Spine and Upper Body    Sunday November 23rd 3-6pm  $60

Yoga for pain management is for anyone dealing with chronic pain from injury, misalignments in the body, car accidents, inflammatory issues, postural related problems, compressions, soft tissue injuries, tension related headaches or migraines, sciatica, SI joint problems, plantar fasciitis, instabilities in the spine due to pregnancy, or injury or chronic misuse and any other type of chronic pain that is limiting your functional movement and ability to thrive in your life. Yoga for pain management is a systematic and therapeutic approach that can be used to help reduce pain, and empower you to help prevent pain from re-occurring. The tools used are simplistic but require some practice and motivation to implement the techniques into your lifestyle and make the changes necessary to help you get out of pain. The tools include; relaxation techniques, postural alignment work (functional movement), strengthening and stabilizing weak muscles and joints, and then stretching and releasing overly tight muscles. This series will use these 4 techniques to first explore the lower body mechanics in the feet, ankle, knees and pelvis. The second workshop will include the back, shoulders and neck. The principles are the same and they will build from one workshop to the next. As well, we’ll explore holistically connecting the upper and lower body by looking at upper and lower cross syndrome and learning how the body is interconnected, meaning that if you feel pain in the back, there could be something happening at the pelvis that may be aggravating the back.

**For everyone, no previous yoga experience necessary



6. Yoga in your community:

Kerry is involved in interesting Yoga Therapy programs within our amazingly forward thinking and receptive community focused on providing the best for their clients.


1. Lunch Yoga at Teck

Kerry is back teaching Lunch Yoga classes at Teck on Mondays (11-11:30am at TLC) and Wednesdays (12-12:30pm at TOB). Classes are free to Teck employees and start the week of Sept.15th. Please register with MaryLynn Manwell


2. Yoga Therapy for Stroke Recovery

Kerry has been teaching for the last 2 years and is excited to move into her 3rd year teaching Yoga for Stroke Recovery with the Stroke Recovery Association of Trail. Classes are held the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month from 11:45-12:45pm at the 1st Presbyterean Church in Trail. To join this group, please contact Rachel Jansen  (Trail Branch Coordinator) 250-512-1351


3. Yoga Therapy for Acute Psychiatry

Kerry is teaching Yoga Therapy every Thursday morning with the Acute Psychiatry Group at the KBR Hospital in Trail. This is an exciting new program and Kerry is thrilled to partner and collaborate with the team at the Daly Pavillion to offer an empowering and healing program with the clients.


4. Red Ski Academy Yoga Program

Kerry has been teaching with the Red Ski Academy for the last 4 years and is excited to work with the great athletes and coaches in this excellent program. The students practice mindfulness, visualization, relaxation, stretching, core work and strength training in this comprehensive weekly Yoga program.



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