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Getting Started

Posted by Kerry Turner on Saturday, August 8, 2009

Getting Started

I am beginning my online journey into the world of technology.
This blog will be used to share my ongoing developments in the world of Yoga and beyond.
I am looking forward to sharing different practices both on the mat and in life with you.

Today was a peticularly reflective day at the lake with my greatest Yoga teacher of all, Yukon. Yukon is my beautiful, gentle and energetic black Labrador Retrievor. His teachings come to me in the most unexpected ways. Perhaps that is the purpose.
What I noticed about Yukon today is his persistence and seemingly lack of boredom of the same task. We spent 4 hours at the lake and Yukon was content to dive for rocks the entire time. I convinced Yukon to come for a swim with me, but as soon as we returned to the shore he was back on task, picking out rocks.
Watching Yukon allowed me a chance to reflect on being in the moment. Yukon lives his life in the moment. He certainly doesn't spend it hoping and wishing for things to come. Yukon doesn't say "If only I had another toy, then I'd be a happy dog." Yukon doesn't dwell in the past or harbour grudges (not that I know of, anyway). Yukon is simply content to play in the water, digging out rocks, diving deep to the bottom of the lake, and paddling around.
If only we could all live in the moment. Maybe just for a moment. Taking a moment out of each day, taking a breath, not reviewing the past events, or preparing for future activities, but simply being in the moment. When you get there, what does it feel like? Is it a hard thing to hold onto, or does it come easily?
For me being in the moment is a constant pendelum swing. I catch myself daydreaming, thinking, considering what needs to happen and when, planning, organizing, reviewing, and then taking that deep breath, returning to the moment. I find it easiest to come into the moment when in nature. Today, swimming in the lake, there was no effort in finding the moment. I didn't have to think, plan, organize, I just swam. I swam far in the lake with Yukon which felt blissful and smooth and I felt connected to my best friend.
Take some time to figure out where and when you can find your moment, when you can still your mind, take that deep breath and just be. Once you found that see if you can go to that place, imaginary or physical to return to the moment. Soon, finding the moment, being in the moment will come easier and easier, and the pendulum swing will find its balance!