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It's Heart Month!

Posted by Kerry Lee on Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy Heart Month Yogi’s!!

Much to share with you this month, so here we go:

Yoga with Kerry E-Newsletter

1.    Valentine’s Week Feb.9th-Feb.11th: Bring a friend for FREE!

2.    Yoga Therapy for Chronic Pain Workshops: Feb.15th & Feb. 22nd

3.    New Yoga Class on Sundays starting Feb.22nd !

4.    Lunch Yoga on Tuesdays is open for Drop-in’s

5.    February Yoga Class Schedule

6.    Halfmoon Yoga Supplies on sale at KP Hall

7.    Private Lesson Availability on Sundays with Kerry

8.    Yoga for Healing Weekend Retreat! Coming up in April

9.    Yoga with Kerry on Facebook & Twitter!


1. Valentine’s Week at Yoga: Bring a friend for FREE!

Join Kerry for this unique annual tradition and bring a friend for FREE to any of Kerry’s drop-in classes! Yoga classes during Valentine’s week will include a combination of relaxing, mindful individual practice with fun, supportive partner yoga poses. Partner yoga uses a partner to move deeper into the postures in a safe, supportive and fun environment. Partner poses will include a variety of postures for all levels including sitting back to back, partner tree pose, partner boat pose, and partner twist. The postures are set up for everyone to feel safe and comfortable and allow everyone to enjoy the deeper and supportive benefits of practicing with a partner. The classes will finish with individual relaxation. Bring a friend for FREE to try Yoga in this friendly, supportive and fun environment!

Valentine’s week classes:

Monday @ 6:45pm Gentle Yoga

Tuesday @ 9:30am Gentle Yoga  

Wednesday @ 6:45pm  Flow Yoga  


2. Yoga Therapy for Chronic Pain Workshops

Sunday Feb. 15th: Yoga Therapy for Feet, Knees, Pelvis     3-6pm KP Hall, Trail  $60

Sunday Feb.22nd: Yoga Therapy for Pelvis, Back, Shoulders and Neck   3-6pm KP Hall, Trail $60

Join Kerry for an afternoon workshop learning therapeutic yoga techniques for helping manage chronic pain symptoms. Therapeutic tools include a systematic approach to functional alignment, strengthening and stabilizing exercises, relaxation techniques, mindful meditation and conscious stretching. Every body is different and everyone experiences pain differently, Yoga therapy practices help by cultivating greater awareness and developing positive, new patterns of behavior, movement and thought. Yoga Therapy empowers individuals to take an active role in their health and wellbeing for life long wellness.  

**Please register and pay for the workshops online at



3. New Yoga Class on Sundays beginning FEB.22nd !!

Restorative Flow Yoga  9:30-11am at KP Hall 

Beginning Sunday Feb. 22nd, join Danielle for a Restorative Flow Yoga class. Restorative Flow is a mixed class combining flowing movements with the breath to gently warm you up and wake you up followed by calming, supportive restorative postures to move deeper into the postures and calm your body and mind.

Danielle comes from the Tofino area with a love for yoga and surf and is excited to bring her passion and energy to the Trail area. Danielle has a beautiful mix of smooth flowing sequences with open hearted dialogue to help you move and breathe gracefully into your day! Come out to meet Danielle and try out her warm, inviting and fun morning yoga classes open to everyone!


4.  Lunch Yoga is now OPEN for Drop-in’s!

Please note that Tuesday Lunch Yoga is now open for Drop-in’s at $10. Bring your friends and enjoy a mind and body break in your day to relax and rejuvenate. Tuesday Lunch Yoga is a flow yoga class focusing on opening muscles in the body chronically tight from sitting at a desk and calming over-active minds with deep relaxation, breathwork and meditation.


5. February Yoga Class drop-in Schedule:

Drop-in $12 (lunch $10)  10x punch pass $105

*please make cheques payable to “Yoga with Kerry” 

*all classes held at KP Hall, Trail


 Gentle Yoga  

Mondays @ 6:45pm with Kerry   

Tuesdays @ 9:30am with Kerry   

Thursdays @ 9:30am with Marnie 

Flow Yoga  

Tuesdays @ 12:05pm with Kerry  

Wednesdays @ 6:45pm with Kerry  

Restorative Flow Yoga    (beginning Feb. 22nd)

Sundays @ 9:30am  with Danielle 


6. Halfmoon Yoga Supplies

Looking for some new Yoga supplies? Halfmoon Yoga supplies are for sale at KP Hall during class hours. Come up and have a look! You are also welcome to check out the full online selection at  and let Kerry know if you have something special in mind and she will order it in for you so you don’t have to pay shipping costs.


7. Private Lessons with Kerry  

Are you interested in having a private yoga lesson with Kerry? Do you have special requests, an injury, an issue or illness that needs special one-on-one attention? Are you looking for modifications and individualized adjustments to support your practice? Are you new and looking to begin a yoga practice but not sure where to begin?

Private lessons with Kerry are a great way to receive individualized yoga therapy guidance in the comfort of your own home. Kerry will bring Yoga supplies with her and provide you with a worksheet for your own personalized practice.  Private lessons are held on Sundays at either 9:30am or 4pm. The first session is 1.5 hours and subsequent sessions can either be 1 hour or 1.5 hours. 1 hour sessions are $60 and 1.5 hour sessions are $80 (includes tax). Please book online at



8. Yoga for Healing Weekend Retreat with Kerry  in April! 

Join Kerry for a full weekend immersion into the therapeutic benefits of yoga and yoga therapy. Give yourself the gift of deep relaxation, stress management, body mind connection, and deep restoration as you transition from winter to spring.

Weekend will include a wide variety of therapeutic practices such as mindful movement, guided meditation, yoga Nidra, body awareness, breath awareness, restorative yoga, somatic yoga movement, pranayama (breathwork), and Ayurvedic and Yoga philosophical studies. This immersion retreat is open to everyone looking to deepen their yoga experience in a weekend immersion format. No previous yoga experience needed.

Full weekend program investment of $195

Friday April 17th 6-8pm

Saturday April 18th 9-4pm  *includes catered lunch

Sunday April 19th 9-12pm

 *please register online at


9. Join Yoga with Kerry on Social Media!

Stay up to date on classes, workshops, retreats, teachers and more through social media!

Yoga with Kerry Facebook page:

Yoga with Kerry Twitter page:






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