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March News!

Posted by Kerry Turner on Friday, February 26, 2016

March Yoga Newsletter:


1.    Winter Session ends: March 23rd

2.    Getting Unstuck: Physically” Workshop: Sunday March 20th

3.    New Spring Session Format

4.    Spring Session Dates: April 11th-June 6th

5.    Private Yoga Lessons

6.    Yoga with Kerry on Social Media!!


1. Winter Session

The Winter Yoga session will wrap up on March 23rd. At which time Kerry will be taking an administrative break for 1 week.


2. “Getting Unstuck: Physically”     Yoga Therapy Workshop  

Sunday March 20th  3-6pm  KP Hall, Trail    $60

Spaces are still available for this experiential workshop to help you get “unstuck” physically. Do you find yourself waking up stiff or sore? Do you find that you have tightness and soreness in your body as the day goes along? Do you exercise and find you have tight spots in your body? Are you dealing with chronic pain?

Through our everyday lives we tend to move in habitual patterns, this workshop will help you get “unstuck” and out of the patterns and learn new functional movement to help you release chronic tightness, soreness and pain.  The workshop will include unique yoga movements, somatic series and movements from the “Joint Freeing Series.” As well, the workshop will include an educational component, breathwork, relaxation and more!

Register @ 


3. New Spring Session Format

The New Spring Yoga session will be a registered format in order to provide you with a progressive class experience. The progressive classes are helpful for moving deeper into the practice, to developing greater awareness of yourself and your body, and to help refine your knowledge through regular, committed practice.

Each class will be offered as a registered class, and if we get enough students registered to run the class the class will then be open for drop-ins.

Students with a punch pass can choose to either continue using their punch pass as a drop-in or transfer the remaining of their pass to the cost of the registered class (or workshop!).

To register, register online at (under “class schedule”)


4. Spring Yoga Session and Schedule

Spring Yoga Session    8 week session  (all classes held at the KP Hall)

April 11th- June 6th


Yoga for Peace: Monday 6:45pm  (Class cancelled May 24th holiday) $95

Yoga Therapeutics: Tuesday 9:30am  $100

Lunch Flow Yoga: Tuesdays 12:05pm  $85

Slow Flow Yoga: Wednesday 6:45pm  $95


5. Yoga Private Lessons: March Availability

Sunday March 13th  @ 9:30am

Sunday March 27th @ 9:30am & 4pm


Please book @ 


6. Yoga with Kerry on Social Media

Yoga with Kerry on Facebook!!


Yoga with Kerry on Twitter!! @yogawithkerry




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