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March Yoga News

Posted by Kerry Turner on Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Well hello there March!

March came in with some serious snowfall! One benefit of all this fresh snow is not only some fun powder skiing, but we can use the fresh snow to check out our foot alignment when walking. Go find some fresh snow, take a walk, turn around and check out what your feet are up to. Do they turn out, turn in, are you walking on the outside edges of your feet or falling into the inside edge. Also notice how long your stride is and maybe if one leg is taking a longer stride than the other. All this awesome self-awareness can show you a lot about your lower leg alignment which may be affecting your knees, hips, back, shoulders and neck!

Functional Alignment is a practical approach of applying proper alignment techniques into everyday movement, giving you more efficient and optimal movement and help you manage chronic pain. Combine this with the self-awareness and empowering practice of yoga in a progressive program.

I am currently offering a 12 week Functional Alignment course at Teck and will be beginning a group class at the KP Hall in April. Both programs are now full, however, I am looking into the future months and preparing for weekend intensive functional alignment programs. Stay tuned for more information on dates and locations.


What’s happening with Yoga with Kerry in March:

1.     New Halfmoon Yoga Supplies have arrived!

2.     Classes running during Spring Break!

3.     Kerry’s taking a teaching break: Monday March 31-Sunday April 6th

4.     Functional Alignment for Chronic Pain course: Now Full!

5.     Yoga with Kerry is getting into the online world with Facebook and Twitter!

6.     Private Lesson Availability: Full for March!

7.     March Class Schedule


1.       New Halfmoon Yoga supplies have just arrived!

Handmade, environmentally friendly and made locally (almost local, Vancouver!) to help you in your Yoga and Meditation practice. Some great meditation cushions, yoga mats, eye pillows, blocks and straps. Check out all of the supplies on display at Kerry’s group classes at KP Hall. Check out the class schedule to come for some Yoga supply shopping!


2.       All Yoga classes will be running during the school Spring Break

(March 14th-March 30th)! Come out for a class to get a break from the kids, or bring your kids to yoga class with you!


3.       Kerry’s taking a teaching break: Monday March 31st-Sunday April 6th. However, classes will still be running with fabulous substitute teachers. It will be a nice opportunity for you to experience the diversity in teaching styles and the beautiful offerings from these great teachers! Confirmed substitute teachers will be announced closer to the dates.


4.       Functional Alignment for Chronic Pain course is now full.  The Functional Alignment course is running from April-June on Monday nights at the KP hall. This session is full, however, I am putting together some plans to offer weekend intensive courses this summer. Stay tuned for dates and locations. This course is going on the road to some new locations in the Kootenays!


5.       Yoga with Kerry is going deep into the online world with both a Facebook page and Twitter account. Yoga with Kerry’s facebook page is updated regularly with yoga video’s, interesting blogs and research, as well as information regarding classes and other local information. The Twitter account is used more for my work in Chronic Pain, updating recent research as well as work in other health care fields such as physio, massage therapy, sports medicine, etc. Check them out,

Link for the Facebook page:


Link for Yoga with Kerry Twitter account:



6.      Private lesson availability

Private lessons with Kerry are a great way to work one-on-one to give you an individualized lesson dependent on your needs. The sessions take place in the comfort of your own home and Kerry will bring all the yoga supplies to your session. Private lessons are offered on Sundays, either morning or afternoon time slots.


Kerry is fully booked for the month of March! Contact Kerry if you would like to be added to a cancellation list.


April availability:

Sunday April 13th & 20th at 9:30am


*to check Private lesson availability, please refer to website

*please e-mail Kerry at to book a time and day


7.      March Class Schedule

Gentle Yoga

Mondays @ 6:45pm *please note there is a class running until 6:30pm prior to the gentle yoga class.

Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 9:30am

Flow Yoga

Wednesdays @6:45pm