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Posted by Kerry Turner on Monday, May 4, 2015 Under: Yoga E-Newlsetter

Hello Yogi’s

Its already May and we are well into Spring! If you are anything like me you have already started on outdoor projects, yard work, gardening, spring cleaning, and taking up favorite Spring sports. As much as I love all this outdoor time, it is wrecking havoc on my body and movement. Most activities tend to be one-side dominant, such as raking with the dominant arm/back, or biking that tends to make the front body contracted and the back body long and often sore and tight. To counter these imbalances and keep the body feeling supple we need to find optimal movement and range of motion in the joints and suppleness in the muscles and fascia. Yoga can helps us with this through mindful, purposeful movement, stretches and relaxation as well the breathwork helps to promote greater circulation, body awareness, and relaxation of the nervous system helping to relax the muscles and the mind. Check out this new series I have created for the month of May: “Free your Body, Free your Mind.” This series will run through the month on May during each drop-in class. This will be a great series for anyone who is looking for more suppleness and ease in their body and mind. No previous experience necessary and all the classes are open to everyone. Bring your friends and family and share the empowering practice of Yoga!


Yoga with Kerry E-Newsletter:

1.    New Yoga Series: “Free your Body, Free your Mind”

2.    Full Yoga Schedule for the month of May

3.    Yoga Therapy Private Sessions

4.    Yoga with Kerry on Facebook and Twitter!

5.    Thursday May 7th Gentle Yoga with Marnie Cancelled


1. New Series starting up for the month of May:

"Free your body, Free your mind."

A 4 week series with each week targeting a different part of the body to help free up stiffness, imbalances, tightness, and pain and help create freedom and suppleness in the joints, muscles and overall body. When the body begins its journey into suppleness and ease, the mind follows. When the mind takes the journey into suppleness and ease, the body tends to follow. Please join us as we free our bodies and mind at Yoga for the month of May.

This series is open to everyone and will be offered during the regular scheduled drop-in classes.

Week 1: Healthy & Strong Back

Week 2: Supple Shoulders and Neck

Week 3: Happy Hips

Week 4: Vibrant Feet and Knees


Each week and each class you can expect a variety of yoga therapy practices such as: joint freeing series, somatic exercises, alignment work, specific stretches, strength and stability, balance, fascial awareness & release, marma massage, relaxation, deep breathwork and meditation.

“Free your Body, Free your Mind” will take place during regularly scheduled drop-in classes with Kerry. Schedule as follows for the month of May:

All classes are $12 drop-in (Except Lunch Yoga) or $105/10x pass

Gentle Yoga

Mondays @ 6:45pm

Tuesdays @ 9:30am

Flow Yoga

Tuesdays @ 12:05pm ($10 drop-in)

Wednesdays @6:45pm


2. Full Yoga with Kerry Schedule for May

Gentle Yoga  

Mondays @ 6:45pm with Kerry

Tuesdays @9:30am  with Kerry

Thursdays @9:30am with Marnie(May 7th is cancelled)


Flow Yoga

Tuesdays @ 12:05pm (lunch yoga = $10) with Kerry

Wednesdays @6:45pm with Kerry


Yin Yoga   (*please note, Jessica will be arriving at the hall by 5:05pm as she is travelling from Castlegar)

Wednesdays @5:15pm   with Jessica


3. Yoga Therapy Private Yoga Sessions with Kerry

Kerry is available for Private Yoga sessions on Sundays at 9:30am or 4pm. Please register for a private yoga lesson online at under the “private lesson” page to book and pay for your session.


4. Yoga with Kerry on Facebook and Twitter

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