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New Year Newsletter!

Posted by Kerry Turner on Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome to 2015 Yogi’s!!


With a new year comes reflection of the past year and goal setting for the year ahead. These are natural and healthy practices which we ritualistically perform on some level with each new year. It’s a great opportunity to look back and reflect upon the year past, but also take a moment to plan and set goals for the year ahead. The Yoga practice of Svadhyaya (Self-awareness) allows us to notice our habits and patterns (whether its in our behavior, our actions, our decisions, our patterns of thought on and off the mat) and use non-judgemental awareness to notice and then make conscious choices to make the changes we want to see in our lives. This is an incredibly relevant practice on our mat, noticing our inner dialogue as we get bored, challenged, frustrated etc., but also relevant when looking at our life such as our finances, career choices, relationships etc. What happens on our mat can help us become aware of what is happening in our lives and move us from a place of reacting to our life situations and events to a place of conscious awareness and conscious decision making. This is empowering and a deeply important element of a regular yoga practice. It is more than just getting more flexible, more supple, more at ease, less stressed. It is about slowing down, paying attention, its about using non-judgemental awareness to simply notice and then apply conscious decisions and choices to move forward. This is how we grow, how we evolve and build resiliency, self-efficacy and inner strength (not to mention a greater sense of humor!) This takes compassionate and committed practice that leaves room for personal evolution, growth and development on all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I look forward to another year of sharing and practicing and growing with you as we all embark on a beautiful journey of self-development and self-awareness. 

Please take the time to look over the upcoming Winter Session and workshop offerings to see how these mindful practices can help you on your inner journey!


Yoga with Kerry January newsletter:

1.    Winter Yoga Session: Jan.12th-Mar.27th

2.    Group Yoga Class Schedule

3.    Registered Yoga Classes

4.    Rossland Yoga Classes: postponed to Spring Session

5.    Yoga with Kerry Instructors

6.    Yoga Therapy in the Community

7.    Upcoming Yoga Therapy Workshops

8.    Private Lesson Availability

9.    Yoga with Kerry on Facebook and Twitter


1. Winter Yoga Session

**Mark your calendars:

The Winter Yoga Session runs from January 12th to March 26th. (12 week session)

Spring sessions follows from March 30th to June 25th  (14 week session)

**if you would like a copy of the schedule for yourself at home, please open the attachment and print a copy of the Class Schedule!


2. Group Yoga Class Schedule

Group Yoga classes are open for everyone and all levels as a drop-in class. New Students are always welcome to join at any time! 

All classes are held at the KP Hall (942 Eldorado St., Trail)

Drop-in = $12

10x Punch Pass = $105 

**Punch Passes do NOT expire! You are welcome to use the punch pass for any of the group drop-in classes!


Gentle Yoga   

Mondays @ 6:45pm with Kerry  

Tuesdays @ 9:30am with Kerry 

Thursdays @ 9:30am with Marnie


Flow Yoga  

Wednesdays @ 6:45pm with Kerry  


3. Registered Yoga Classes

**Registered Yoga classes require a minimum number of students to register in order for the course to run. If you plan on attending, please register as soon as possible and encourage your friends to register to make sure the course does not get cancelled!!


Please register and pay for classes at 


            1. Yoga for Healing 10 week program    January 19th-March 23rd

Mondays  5:30-6:30pm   $100

Yoga for healing is a restorative yoga therapy program to help heal mentally, physically and emotionally through a process of letting go and opening up to oneself. The program explores a variety of Yoga Therapy tools including intention setting, relaxation techniques, breathing techniques, mantra, meditation, gentle physical movement, restorative yoga postures, yoga Nidra and deep relaxation practices. The Yoga for Healing program is a gentle program for all levels within a nurturing, safe space to learn empowering yoga therapy tools to help oneself feel whole and journey mindfully along the path of healing.


            2. Lunch Yoga  10 week program     January 24th-March 24th

Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays from 12:05-12:55pm

Lunch Flow Yoga is a progressive flow yoga program for all levels to help you re-center and rejuvenate during your lunch break. The Yoga class will incorporate a variety of Yoga tools such as flowing physical movement with the breath, meditation/centering, breathing techniques, and deep relaxation to help you feel nourished and re-energized mentally, emotionally and physically! Enjoy some quiet time for you to release stress and re-center!


4. Rossland Yoga Classes

Unfortunately the quest to offer classes again in Rossland has been temporarily delayed due to issues with location. Kerry is actively working on moving things forward with the goal of having classes offered for the Spring session! Please stay tuned for more information as this process unfolds! Thank you for your patience and support, and in the meantime I hope to see you at the KP hall for all of our class offerings!


5. Yoga with Kerry instructors

Yoga with Kerry is slowly expanding and including new instructors to offer you a wider selection of class styles, instruction and experiences. With your punch pass you are welcome to join any of the class offerings with any instructor. I hope you take the time to experience all of the class styles and teachers to find one that resonates the most with you at this time on your Yoga journey! Each instructor has a unique style and approach to teaching Yoga and are looking forward to sharing their love of yoga with you!


Kerry Lee E-RYT 500  (classes: Gentle Yoga-M/T, Teck Yoga-M/W, Lunch Yoga-T, Flow Yoga-W)

Marnie Laser RYT 200 (classes: Gentle Yoga-Th, Lunch Yoga-W)

Danielle Hachey RYT 200 (classes: Restorative Flow Yoga – Date TBA, Substitute Yoga Teacher)

Kim Rawkins RYT 200 (Substitute Yoga Teacher)

Cynthia Anonuevo RYT 200 (Substitute Yoga Teacher)

Jodi Ihas RYT 200 (Substitute Yoga Teacher)


6. Yoga Therapy in the Community

As a Yoga Therapist training in the Professional Yoga Therapy (1000 hour) program Kerry is thrilled to have the opportunities to share Yoga Therapy with special populations within the Greater Trail Community. Kerry is currently teaching regular weekly Yoga Therapy classes with the Acute Psychiatry clients at KBRH as well as with the Greater Trail Stroke Recovery Group. Both of these groups have taught Kerry a wealth of insight and compassion and she has seen amazing results and benefits of Yoga Therapy practices within these populations. It is with honor and humbleness that Kerry will continue teaching and sharing Yoga Therapy with both the Acute Psychiatric group and the Stroke Recovery Group in the upcoming year.

As well, Kerry will be teaching and presenting Yoga Therapy at the Medical Conferences for Diabetes in January and for Family Medicine in February. It is again with humbleness and honor to be asked to present at these prestigious events and a great thrill to partner with health care providers in offering comprehensive and inclusive health care for the community!


7. Yoga Therapy Workshops with Kerry

Please register for Yoga Therapy Workshops online at


            1. Yoga for Pain Management

Session #1: Lower body (feet, ankles, knees, hips)    Sunday Feb. 15th    3-6pm  $60   KP Hall, Trail

Session #2: Upper body (Hips, back, shoulders & neck)    Sunday Feb. 22nd    3-6pm   $60   KP Hall, Trail

Yoga Therapy provides a holistic approach towards pain management including;

·      body/mind awareness/scan to cultivate self-awareness and train the brain to observe the whole body as oppose to ruminating on the painful parts.

·      deep breathing techniques to increase circulation, awareness and relaxation

·      functional alignment and movement, physical exercises and postures including yoga poses, somatic exercises and functional movement to strengthen and stabilize

·      deep relaxation, progressive relaxation and Yoga Nidra to release chronic tension in muscles

·      meditation to strengthen and build mental resilience and self-efficacy

·      restorative yoga postures to allow deep release and calming of the nervous system and muscular systems


            2. Yoga for Stress Management with Kerry  

            Sunday March 25th 3-6pm  $60   KP Hall, Trail

We all experience differing levels of stress, but when stress becomes chronic the body and mind react by manifesting a variety of symptoms that we may not even notice or try to push through until the symptoms get bigger and more intrusive in our enjoyment in life. Some symptoms that we may experience include: chronic illness/colds/coughs, insomnia, mood changes, inflammatory issues (autoimmune issues, digestive issues, circulatory issues, pre-menstrual symptoms, menopausal issues), joint pain, muscle tension and chronic pain, cancer, anxiety, depression, weight gain, and much more.

Yoga Therapy for Stress Management uses timeless tools for calming the nervous system, reducing the stress hormone, cortisol and helping strengthen resiliency and self-efficacy through:

·      Self-awareness and body and breath scan

·      Gentle, mindful movement with the breath to calm the mind and body

·      Restorative Yoga postures to release chronic tension and calm the mind/body

·      Calming breathwork

·      Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation and calming of the nervous system

·      Deep relaxation

·      Meditation for strengthening of the mind and building resiliency


8. Yoga with Kerry Private Lessons

Enjoy a private yoga therapy lesson tailor made for you in the comfort of your own home. Kerry will provide the supplies and teach and share Yoga Therapy tools and techniques for you as well as provide a summary of the practice for you to continue your home yoga practice. All private lessons are held on Sundays at either 9:30am or 4pm. Please book and pay for your private lesson online at

Upcoming availability:

Sunday January 11th and 18th at either 9:30am or 4pm


9. Yoga with Kerry on Social Media 


Please “like” Yoga with Kerry on Facebook to receive inspiring articles, blogs, video’s and class/workshop updates on your Facebook newsfeed. A great way to stay inspired and learn more about yoga and connect with other like-minded Yogi’s!



Check out and “follow” Yoga with Kerry on Twitter to receive current research and information regarding yoga and pain management.



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