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November news and perspectives!

Posted by Kerry Turner on Saturday, October 31, 2015 Under: Yoga E-Newlsetter

Happy November Yogi’s!

One of my favorite month’s of the year! I love how quiet everything gets when it rains (and even better when it snows!), I love wearing warm, cozy sweaters, I love my toques, I love my rain boots and slushing around in puddles like a kid! I love the storms and the reminder that everything is in flux and always changes! I love the darkness and grey as a contrast to the bright, blue sky as it “allows” me a chance to catch up on indoor activities like reading, writing, yoga, meditation, cuddles with my boys! I love creating warm foods and baking yummy treats to eat with my tea! I absolutely love this time of year. However, I realize that my perspective is not always shared with many people. And it’s just that, perspective. We all have differing perspectives, on every topic. The more we can step back and recognize that our likes and dislikes, our preferences, what makes us “happy”, is all simply perspectives. Sometimes the conflicts we get into in our lives come from an inability to see from another’s perspective. Next time you find yourself in a conversation, and you don’t “agree” with the other person, take a few deep breaths, recognize that it is just “perspective” and see if you can observe from another’s perspective in order to understand the other person better. 

Check out this TED Talk where Emily Balcetis discusses perspectives a little deeper, and relates to the perspective of exercise. Only 14minutes for a great video!! Grab your tea, get cozy and check it out J


November Yoga with Kerry E-newsletter:

1.    Intro to Mindfulness Workshop: Sunday Nov.22nd

2.    Lunch Yoga: Tuesdays @12:05pm

3.    NEW CLASS for Health Care Workers at KBRH: Thursdays @4:30pm

4.    November Class Schedule

5.    Private Yoga Lessons

6.    Yoga with Kerry on Social Media!


1. Intro to Mindfulness Workshop

Sunday November 22nd 3-6pm   $60

In this workshop we will explore a variety of mindfulness practices to help you develop skills, knowledge and experiences in practical and useful tools for enhanced, positive wellbeing. Mindfulness practices have been shown to help reduce stress, the cycles of stressful living, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, chronic illness, addictions, sleep disorders, mood swings/mood disorders, and negative/harmful habits &reactivity. Mindfulness practices can help increase positive traits such as compassion, kindness, empathy, love, joy, happiness and a sense of freedom and ease in every day life. As well, mindfulness practices help to build resiliency and self-efficacy to help you gracefully manage future stresses and challenges that may come up in one’s life.

This empowering workshop is open to everyone, no previous experience necessary, and to all ages 10years+ (mindfulness practices are really helpful for children and teens dealing with stress and anxiety).Please bring: Yoga mat, blanket, cushion (meditation cushion), water & tea mug, journal/pen. 

*Register at   (*website is not compatible with tablets or smartphones!!)


2. Lunch Yoga is running!!

Tuesdays 12:05-12:55pm Nov.3rd-Dec.8th  $65

We have just enough students registered to run this lunch yoga class again! The registrations are still open if anyone else is interested in joining! As well, drop-ins will be available at $12.

Please bring your own mat, blanket, water, and any other supplies you may need for your yoga practice!

Please register at  (*website is not compatible with tablets or smartphones!!)


3. NEW CLASS: Yoga for KBRH Staff

Thursdays 4:30-5:30pm  Nov.12th-Dec.10th  $65 (Limited space, so register early to secure your spot!)

All levels gentle flow yoga style of practice to help you unwind and help you feel more centered, grounded and calm as you move into your evening. Each class will include gentle, flowing movement, intelligently designed sequencing, skilled alignment, relaxing breathwork, mindfulness practices, deep relaxation and meditation. Max of 10 students, please register early to secure your spot!


4. November Yoga Class Schedule  (Classes run until Dec.17th)

Classes held at KP Hall, 942 Eldorado St., Trail 

Everyone welcome, new students always welcome

$14 drop-in  $125/10x pass (passes never expire!)


Mondays: Relaxation Yoga  6:45-8pm

Tuesdays: Intro to Yoga Therapeutics  9:30-11am

Wednesdays: Slow Flow Yoga  6:45-8pm


5. Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

Private Yoga Therapy Sessions are a wonderful way to deepen your knowledge and experience of a variety of yoga practices that best suit your needs and practice. Your private yoga therapy session will include a check-in/assessment, yoga therapy practices skillfully chosen to help meet your needs and finished with a write up of the practice for you. Sessions are held in the comfort of your own home, on Sundays at either 9:30am or 4pm.

Sessions are booked online at and you can either pay during your registration process or pay in person at the session by cash or cheque. For more information, feel free to check out!  (*website is not compatible with tablets or smartphones!!)


Availability for November:

Sunday Nov.8th 9:30am

Sunday Nov.15th 9:30am or 4pm

Sunday 29th 9:30am or 4pm


6. Yoga with Kerry on Social Media 

Please take a moment to add Yoga with Kerry to your Social Media sites to get relevant and interesting updates, information, video’s, and stay up to date with all the latest yoga news!

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