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October Yoga News

Posted by Kerry Turner on Saturday, October 4, 2014

October Yoga with Kerry E-Newsletter

Thank you everyone for a very full and thriving start to this Fall season of Yoga with Kerry! I started some new programs this year and have been learning so much from the diverse group of students I am blessed to meet and share yoga! As well, I am incredibly grateful to Marnie, a certified Yoga Teacher and gifted Kinesiologist who has really helped me out to teach classes that I am unable to teach due to class conflicts, such as Lunch Yoga on Wednesdays, Thursday morning Gentle Yoga and now with a new program at JL Crowe Secondary. I hope you get a chance to meet Marnie and try out one of her classes!


Here’s what is going on in the world of Yoga with Kerry for the month of October:


1. Yoga for Stress Management workshop: Sunday Oct. 19th

2. Lunch Yoga is open for drop-ins!!

3. Yoga for Healing Fall Session is now Full

4. Yoga with Kerry:  Class Schedule

5. Yoga for Chronic Pain management, 2 workshops in November!

6. Yoga with Kerry on Twitter and Facebook 


1. Yoga for Stress Management Workshop

Sunday Oct. 19th from 3-6pm at the KP Hall, Trail  $60

Please register online at 

Yoga for Stress Management is a workshop using Therapeutic Yoga principles such as; calming breathwork, hand mudra's, Yoga Nidra, body/mind awareness scans, gentle movement, restorative yoga, meditation and deep relaxation. The ancient practice of yoga empowers us with practical and life changing tools to help us become aware of our triggers and stress responses and make conscious choices to reduce our stress levels and help change and reverse the negative chain reaction that stress has on our bodies and mind.  Join me for an informative and empowering afternoon of therapeutic yoga designed to give you the tools for reducing stress and helping you live optimally in your life.  **For everyone, no previous yoga experience necessary!


2. Lunch Yoga is open for drop-ins!

Lunch Yoga is now open for students to join us as a drop-in. Drop-ins are welcome on either Tuesday or Wednesday for a mindful flow yoga practice to help you release tension and feel renewed for the rest of your day. Lunch Yoga is a great way to get a mental and physical break in your day to feel more recharged, renewed and relaxed. Bring your friends, bring a yoga mat and some comfortable clothing!

For students who have pre-registered for Lunch Yoga, you are welcome to take either class, and you can make up a missed class by attending the other lunch class.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays 12:05-12:55pm at the KP Hall, Trail. Drop-in = $10


3. Yoga for Healing Fall Session is now FULL!

The Fall session of Yoga for Healing is now full, however, the winter session beginning in January is now open for registration. To register for the winter session, please register online at


4. Yoga with Kerry  Class Schedule

Gentle Yoga   KP Hall  ($12 drop-in)

            Mondays @ 6:45pm with Kerry

            Tuesdays @ 9:30am with Kerry

            Thursdays @ 9:30am with Marnie

Flow Yoga   KP Hall  ($12 drop-in)

            Wednesdays @ 6:45pm with Kerry  

Lunch Yoga   KP Hall ($10 drop-in)

            Tuesdays @ 12:05pm with Kerry

            Wednesdays @ 12:05pm with Marnie

Lunch Yoga at Teck (Free for Teck Employees!!)

            Mondays @ 11am at TLC

            Wednesdays @ 12pm at TOB

Yoga for Stroke Recovery

            Thursdays @ 11:45am at the First Presbyteran Church


5. Yoga for Chronic Pain Management Workshop

Session #1: Lower body and Pelvis  3-6pm  $60

Session #2: Upper body and Spine  3-6pm  $60

Yoga for pain management is a systematic and therapeutic approach that can be used to help reduce pain, and empower you to help prevent pain from re-occurring. The tools used are simplistic in nature but require some practice and motivation to implement the techniques into your lifestyle and make the changes necessary to help you get out of pain. The tools include; relaxation techniques, postural alignment work (functional movement), strengthening and stabilizing weak muscles and joints, and then stretching and releasing overly tight muscles. This series will use these 4 techniques to first explore the lower body mechanics in the feet, ankle, knees and pelvis. The second workshop will include the back, shoulders and neck. The principles are the same and they will build from one workshop to the next.

**For everyone, no previous yoga experience necessary

**Please register online at 


6. Yoga with Kerry on Social Media!!

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