Yoga with Kerry

Off the Mat

Posted by Kerry Turner on Friday, August 14, 2009
Today will be a big day for testing my Yoga skills off the Yoga mat.
For all those challenging poses, or balancing poses, or simply pushing my body when it really just wanted to be in Savasana, those skills will hopefully help me through the next few days.

5 years ago I was in a serious car accident that left my body and mental well-being in shambles. Yoga helped me deal with the physical pain through realigning my spine and joints and also helped me deal with emotional issues such as frustration and anger. My body and mind are in a constant state of recovery. However, I have also moved into a world of appreciation for what my body can do now as opposed to what it used to be able to do.

My "off the mat", real-life practice will begin today with 2 flights to get me to Calgary. I will use breathing techniques, and try to be in the moment, even if something goes wrong. Once in Calgary I will get myself ready for my first Examination from the opposing Lawyers from the car accident. I will have to muster up all the courage and strength I normally reserve for arm balances and srong warrior poses to face the lawyers and their questions. I will attempt to take a deep breath, avoid getting emotional and stay grounded. It just seems so much easier on a Yoga mat than in real life. My challenge over the next few days will be to stay grounded, focussed, and in the moment. I have been waiting 5 years to face the lawyers and talk about my car accident. Now is the time and I need to be ready. To get ready, I will go to my mat and practice.

My Yoga practice today will focus on deep yoga breathing for clarity, grounding poses, and a few challenging poses to build courage! Today's practice will include fluid Sun salutations with plenty of Warrior poses, Trikonasana and Reverse Trikonasana. I will also have some seated poses such as Badha Konasana, and Dandasasa and of course a long, restorative Savasana.

I hope all my years of practicing on my mat will prepare me for this "Off-the-mat" moment.
Unto the breach....