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Posted by Kerry Turner on Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Happy Summer Yogi's

I wish to extend  much gratitude to all my students for contributing to such a strong, loyal and vibrant yoga community. 
I will miss you this summer as i embark on deeping my Yoga Therapy education at the Yoga School, Kripalu in Massachusetts. 
I've been getting a few questions lately from students, so I thought for this summer edition of the newsletter I would answer some of your questions!

1. What is Yoga Therapy?
Yoga Therapy is a holistic practice of using yoga therapeutic techniques to help empower people in their own healign by using mind-body connections through breathwork, meditation, relaxation and physical asana postures. As many of you have already experienced in your yoga classes a sense of wellbeing, ease and peace, the Yoga Therapy module takes it one step further by providing specific techniques for specific issues. Some of these issues i will be studying include; Yoga for Pain (including Structural Alignment), Yoga for mental issues (depression, anxiety, mood disorders etc.), Yoga for Cancer, Yoga for Grief, Yoga for special populations (prenatal, seniors). 
Ideally, yoga is an anxient art and science designed as a preventative tool, but it can also be sued to help reduce symptons of disease/illness/pain and help reduce the recurrence of symptons over time. In this way, I believe Yoga Therapy, used in conjunction with other healing modalities, to be an incredibly powerful tool for healing. 

2. How will I get through the Summer without Yoga classes?

A couple options for you:
1) Check out some of the Yoga classes happening in Rossland 
Mondays & Wednesdays  Simply Yoga with Jana 6:30-8pm Better Life Fitness
Tuesdays & Thursdays  Yoga with Theshini  9:30-11am Better Life Fitness
Wednesdays Yoga in the Park with Cynthia  5:30-6:30pm Rossglen Park, Rossland

2) Kerry's Video Blog
I will be posting video's of my practice throughout the summer months, some practices will be short, some long, some for relaxation some for deep stretching, some for meditation. The video's will be loosely guided, meaning that i will be describing what i am doing as i am doing them (not necessarily giving modifications and/or instruction once in the posture like you experience in a class setting). If you plan on following my video's please keep in mind that they are not instruction, simply an opportunity for you to follow along if you would like and modify on your own as you need. This will also give you some insight into my own personal practice! 
I will post the video's through YouTube, and then on to my website and facebook page.