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Spring Registration Open!

Posted by Kerry Turner on Monday, March 6, 2023 Under: Yoga E-Newlsetter

Spring Yoga Session 

Registration is now open!! 

Yoga for Peace 

Mondays 6:45-8pm
6 week series $115 

March 27-May 8th (no class April 10 Easter Monday)

Morning Flow (*4 spaces left!)
Tuesdays 9:30-10:45am
6 week series $115 

March 28 - May 2nd 

Classes held at Warfield Hall 
Register and pay online at 

Yoga for Peace
This relaxation-based yoga therapy class will focus on supporting the nervous system in relaxation and stess management through a variety of yoga therapy practices. Supporting the nervous system includes activating the parasympathetic system (rest and digest) and the vagus nerve through mindful movement, breathwork, visualizations, meditation, self-massage, restorative yoga and deep relaxation. 
This relaxation based practice is helpful for anyone looking for support with slowing down, providing space to process emotions/thoughts, and deep rest. Students report Yoga for Peace class helps with stress-related symptoms including insomnia, anxiety, burnout, depression, grief, low mood, irritability, and chronic pain. The supportive group class environment is also helpful for feelings of loneliness, and isolation as it helps activate the social engagement system, and feeling of connectivity through a shared meaningful experience.  

Morning Flow Yoga 
This gentle, movement based yoga therapy class focusses on creating mobility and mindful movement through enhanced awareness and empowerment in one's body. Yoga therapy is a wonderful practice for learning to listen to our body and respond using modifications and mindful movement that supports our body and nervous system. We will learn and practice movements such as Somatics, Pandiculation, Joint Freeing Series, and flowing Yoga asanas. Connecting breath and mindful movement as a meditation in motion can be a helpful tool for centering one's thoughts in the moment. This class will also include traditional yoga practices including breathwork, meditation, mudras, self-massage, and relaxation. Students have shared that this class has helped increase their range of motion, strength including getting up from the ground, improved coordination and balance, along with helping with relaxation, and improved sleep and mood. In the supportive, group class environment, students have an opportunity to build a sense of community throughout the series which helps enhance a feeling of connectivity to others through a  shared meaningful experience. 

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