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Winter Yoga for Peace

Posted by Kerry Lee on Thursday, January 2, 2020 Under: Yoga E-Newlsetter

Happy New Year, 2020!
As I reflect on my slow return to teaching yoga after my head injury, I only feel immense gratitude to you, my students that have patiently waited and embraced me in your support during this difficult transition. 

Recovering from a head injury has been nothing like any other recovery I have experienced. It is almost indescribable... one part grief and frustration at the loss of functioning, and one part in awe of the power of the brain’s capacity for change and adaptability. I feel almost as though I am a bystander and observing with curiosity and fascination (and sometimes anger, fear, frustration and sadness) at how my brain is adjusting, adapting, and coping.

(*Of course, my personal experience with a brain trauma has inspired an even greater love and interest in the field of Neuroscience! Prepare for geeky brain science to be embedded in our yoga classes!)


One thing that remains a constant is my love of yoga and more specifically, teaching yoga as a way to empower others in their process of healing, growth and resiliency. 

If nothing else, yoga can be a space for us to slow down and observe, cultivate awareness and allow for our physical, emotional, and mental bodies to process our world and events. 

This is Yoga for Peace; a class to slow down, process and create space for whatever needs space in our lives, physically (joints, muscles), emotionally (feelings of grief, loneliness, anger, fear), and mentally (worry thoughts, ruminations).  

An opportunity to simplify, come back to the basics through simple deep breathing, basic functional movements, and deep relaxation. 


I look forward to Winter Yoga for Peace seriesbeginning Monday January 20th6:45-8pm ($95) at KP Hall in Trail, BC.An 8 week series wrapping up March 16th (No class Monday Feb. 17 Family Day Holiday). 


Registration is now open! *Only 5 spaces remain 

To register:


Payment options:

Paypal during registration

E-Transfer (  *make the answer: yoga)

Cheque/Cash at first class. 


If you are looking for some yoga video’s to tie you over until class starts, check out my video’s on my website! I am in the process of creating new content and new videos...just have to figure out the tech side of video making!


With love and gratitude, 


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