Spring  2024

April 8 - June 10th    

8 classes  $150.00 *no class April 22nd & May 20th

Movin' Mountains


Yoga for Peace   Mondays 6:45-8pm  

Relaxation based, progressive yoga series including breathwork, meditation, restorative yoga, self-massage, joint freeing series, somatic movements, visualizations, and deep relaxation. This relaxation based class is for everyone. Yoga for Peace is a slower paced class designed to provide experiential practice in slowing down, letting go, and coming into the moment. Helpful for anyone dealing with burnout/chronic stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain/mobility issues, insomnia/sleep issues or simply looking to slow down and relax.

Morning Yoga   Tuesdays 9:30-10:45am *Cancelled

Gentle movement and mobility based, progressive yoga series combines gentle flow yoga sequences, including strength and balance, somatic exercises, joint freeing series, breathwork, meditation and deep relaxation. Each week we will build on our learnings of alignment, flow sequences, modifications, self-awareness with themed classes. Morning Flow is for everyone, and can be helpful for those looking to increase their strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, and relaxation. 

Yoga with Kerry classes:

Kerry's trauma-informed, inclusive, and compassionate classes are intelligently designed using familliar patterns of alignment based movement and yoga practices. 

Yoga with Kerry is open and inclusive for everyone, including new students.

Please bring to class:

  • Yoga mat
  • bolster
  • meditation cushion
  • warm layers
  • blanket
  • block
  • yoga strap
  • tennis ball
  • water bottle.
(Some supplies available to borrow)


Your depth of knowledge and gentle guidance resonated with me the most. I felt welcome and safe and can’t wait for the next class. It’s been far too long in between classes for me. V.P.

"Wow! What a wonderful, connecting, loving yoga class you taught last evening - very powerful! Your efforts and time at Kripalu are shining through you to us fortunate yoga recipients. Thank-you for sharing your growth and wisdom in helping me and so many others in healing and growing towards love. Your contribution is huge and immeasurable." Andy Morel 




Yoga Class Etiquette

  •  Please arrive 5-10 mins. early. This allows you the time to transition into your Yoga class. 
  • Please avoid using any scented products, especially perfumes, oils  or scented hair products     
  •  Please turn off anything that beeps, including cell phone and watches. 
  • Please respect other students’ space by walking around their mats and avoid stepping on their mat. 
  • Please respect that some students are coming to Yoga as a quiet space, please talk to your neighbours/friends in quiet voices. 
  • Please only have yoga supplies with you at your mat. Leave bags, coats etc. at the side of the room.
  • Please inform your instructor of any physical limitations or issues in order to receive appropriate modifications for you.