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Is it Anxiety or Excitement?

October 2, 2023

When we feel excited about something, like riding a roller coaster, or buying a new bike, we get big bodily sensations. Our heart beats faster, palms get sweaty, laser like focus, feel jumpy or restless, speak faster or louder, get butterflies in our stomach, which are all similar bodily sensations with anxiety. Why do the symptoms of anxiety feel so uncomfortable, but when we get these sensations for something fun, the sensations feel thrilling? 


In fact, if we didn’t get these thrills in our life, we may complain about feeling bored. 


We often create excitements in our life, like watching horror movies, going mountain biking, riding roller coasters, downhill skiing, online shopping, etc. to generate nervous system stimulation and feelings of thrill and excitement.

I noticed that some of my clients with anxiety love watching horror movies before bed. It seemed to me that if you have a hard time sleeping, that maybe watching a scary movie with jump scares wasn’t the best thing for your nervous system. However, it also made me realize that the nervous system craves excitement and stimulation, which is part of living a life with fun and joy. 

Roller coasters would be awfully boring if you didn’t get at least a little thrill!


The difference is that you have control over a scary movie, and the subsequent level of stimulation, whereas anxiety can feel out of control. 

Our nervous system needs stimulation especially the type of stimulation that creates connection with others through fun and joy, such as a game of tag or going mountain biking together.


When thrill seeking is voluntary and for the purpose of fun our nervous system interprets the feeling as good and not scary, but when our body gets those sensations for a non-fun activity (like giving a presentation) our body may interpret the sensations as bad or “scary.” 


The next time you seek thrill and excitement, pay attention to the bodily sensations (fast heart beat, sweaty palms, butterflies, etc), and then apply those to any anxious moments. Telling yourself, these are the same feelings, just a different context. Often anxious feelings come from a context with less fun, less control, and less predictability. 


When you (or your child) get an anxious feeling for a safe activity such as going to school, try a redirection towards play and fun. By consciously switching the nervous system to sense the bodily sensations as fun, there are safety signals that are sent instead of danger signals. Try playing a quick game of tag, a thumb war, or a staring contest to switch the anxious, stimulated energy into fun and engaged energy. 


Connection, fun, and play combined with predictability, structure, and control can help our nervous system interpret anxious signals as less overwhelming and more tolerable over time. 


Spring Registration Open!

March 6, 2023

Spring Yoga Session 

Registration is now open!! 

Yoga for Peace 

Mondays 6:45-8pm
6 week series $115 

March 27-May 8th (no class April 10 Easter Monday)

Morning Flow (*4 spaces left!)
Tuesdays 9:30-10:45am
6 week series $115 

March 28 - May 2nd 

Classes held at Warfield Hall 
Register and pay online at 

Yoga for Peace
This relaxation-based yoga therapy class will focus on supporting the nervous system in relaxation and stess management through a variety of yoga therapy practices. Suppo...

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What if Anxiety was our friend?

February 3, 2023

What if Anxiety was our friend? 

What if Anxiety was our friend? An over-protective, sometimes annoying, but well-meaning friend, constantly trying to warn us of dangers and protect us from harm. What if this well-meaning friend makes mistakes once in awhile and warns us of dangers that are not really there? Imagine walking along a street and your friend grabs your arm and screams at you to “Watch out!!” because a car is driving at you. Your heart starts to race, your breathing speeds up...

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January 2023 Happy New Year!

January 2, 2023

Yoga with Kerry E-Newsletter

January 2023

Happy New Year Yoga Students!

A New Year and and a new challenge as I attempt to upgrade from my usual email newsletter to one that is a little more professional! Crossing fingers all the snazzy features work out and you get the important information needed for this u...

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Registration open!

October 30, 2022

Yoga therapy session #2 starts in one week and registration is now open.🙏

I would love to have you join us for the 6-week progressive, yoga therapy series starting the week of November 7thand ending December 16that the Warfield Hall for $115/ 6-week session.

This session we will be focussing on the kosha's, or "layers" within us, including the physical, emotional, mental, breath and joy/bliss. Each class will include yoga therapy elements, including joint freeing series, med...

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Yoga Therapy Series #2

October 1, 2022
Happy October yoga students!!

Yoga Therapy series #1 is well on its way and students have been asking about registration for session #2 starting in November. Registration for Session #2 is now open and you can register online at Class details are below!

Yoga therapy series is a progressive series of classes that build on your learning each week. Concepts and techniques will be taught and reviewed each week for you to gain new skills and have opportunities to practice your lea...

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Yoga Registration is OPEN!

August 23, 2022

Happy summer days!



I hope you are all enjoying your summer days and having lots of fun, memorable experiences!



Registration for Yoga with Kerry Fall Semester #1 classes is now OPEN!



I know you may not be ready to be thinking of the fall season just yet...but I wanted to let you know that class sizes will be kept at 12 people maximum this year so space is limited. I invite you to have a look at the class offerings and if you have any questions, please feel to ask. Classes are open for ev...

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Pre-registration for Fall Yoga classes!

July 11, 2022


I have lots of news to share, including Yoga with Kerry private lessons, Yoga with Kerry group classes and Counselling with Kerry news, so here we go...


Yoga news:

Yoga with Kerry Private Lessons:

Private lessons are available this summer, please schedule your session on my yoga website

Private lessons are offered from July 1 -July 21st, and August 17-Sept.2 with morning and evening options. (7:30am, 9:30am, or 5:30pm). Please send me an email if you would like a differen...

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Yoga is back!! Almost....

May 31, 2022
Hello again!!

I apologize for the lack of communication while I attempt to ride out covid cycles affecting yoga (and many) businesses! Please rest assured that even though you have not heard from me in a while, I have been thinking of you and thinking of creative ways to get yoga therapy group classes up and running again!

Covid created a start-stop cycle for many in the yoga business, and before I get too excited, I wanted to make sure that this most recent green light to start classes...

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Summer Yoga!

July 6, 2021

Happy Summer Yogi’s!



It feels good to be back, to shift my focus on yoga again after a few months pause.

All the shifts and pivoting during the pandemic left me feeling more confused and uncertain to the point where I felt frozen, unable to make a decision regarding my Yoga Therapy business. Thank you to all my loyal students for your encouragement and support during this difficult year!

Now that the restrictions are starting to ease up, again, I feel like I can move forward, slowly and mind...

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