Your depth of knowledge and gentle guidance resonated with me the most. I felt welcome and safe and can’t wait for the next class. It’s been far too long in between classes for me. V.P.

Kerry, I am your biggest cheerleader. Your classes have helped me so much over the years, I can't thank you enough for returning to my world. C.B.

Kerry, it is an honour to be back in your yoga classes! What resonates most with me is your kindness and caring! I love everything about your class and how you present your message and encouragement to just let go and be. Your positive energy and guidance through the practice helps to restore my inner peace in more ways than I can say! You are truly a gifted teacher in so many ways! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us!  G.G.

"Thanks again tonite for such an impactful class.  The whole class was amazing but it all really came together for me during shavasana – I don’t recall ever feeling that much peace, at ease, and being in the moment.  I am not really sure how to describe it, but it was awesome, kind of like when you have a flying dream (closest thing I can think of that I have felt that was so amazing) it was really hard to get up and leave it – a very spiritual moment for me ? and super cool!"
Thanks for being such a great teacher, your classes are so light and fun, it is nice to relax and not worry about doing everything perfect or being perfect (whatever that is).

"Thank you Kerry for such a great yoga class this morning!! I only wish it could have been taped so I could do it again tomorrow! There was so much depth to it - not just the poses but the holistic benefits to our whole being. The effort you consistently put into developing effective, informative and fun classes is so appreciated. We are lucky to have you! Namaste :)" V.

"I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed both Yoga Therapy classes. It has really helped me focus awareness through out my day. Still a long way to go, but I am enjoying feeling more in tune with my body and the feeling of more control in preventing some of my chronic pain issues. Thank you for continuing to inspire many people on the journey to better health." Sue

"Congratulations on your 7th year anniversary!!! Wow, can’t believe it!!! Although I am no slimmer, I am surely more healthy thanks to Yoga and your workshops:)I feel blessed to have you in my life:)" Sandy

"You are a great Yoga teacher. Your enthusiasm about the practice is totally infectious. And I want you to know that [even though I am a beginner and my own worst enemy], you are helping me to discover glimpses of a more peaceful and accepting self within. Not to mention you are helping me be bendier." Val Heisz

"I wanted to let you know that my body is still vibrating from the amazing yoga class last night! I'm sure I took breath into parts of my body that have never felt or known the value of oxygen before, but of course, the reality is they have never known the value of love." Andy Morel

"Wow! What a wonderful, connecting, loving yoga class you taught last evening - very powerful! Your efforts and time at Kripalu are shining through you to us fortunate yoga recipients. Thank-you for sharing your growth and wisdom in helping me and so many others in healing and growing towards love. Your contribution is huge and immeasurable." Andy Morel

"Thanks again Kerry for introducing me to yoga and being such a great “Teacher”....your cues,your  guidance thru poses.your chosen words..like ‘no judgement’ ...have helped us all immensely!" Ardis Urquhart

"I am not sure how many years I have been coming to your classes now, but every class feels like a new exploration… it is a real gift to be able to keep your classes fresh and your messages consistently supportive and nurturing. I feel quite hard done by if i have to miss a class!" Carolyn Reynolds 

"I hope you realize that the reason people have been coming back to your classes for years is because you are a wonderful, knowledgeable, compassionate and caring teacher!" Jodi Ihas

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for today and for persevering with us here at TMS. We all left the session feeling soooo good." Karen Howard

"Thank you for such a wonderful class last night – It was fabulous.  OMG I LUV YOGA!" Kimberley

"Tonight the ski fit class pushed my limits and I missed my Yoga Kula.  I also wanted to share that the “Oom” section of the class was amazing and I am sitting at my keyboard practicing my shoulder opening and it feels GREAT!  I consistently have great “take aways” from your classes and your supportive messaging helps in the tough spots both during and outside of class. Love your classes :) "  Carolyn 

"Much thanks for sharing your inspiration, energy, passion and knowledge with me in my home yesterday. It was an enlightening experience to say the least. It seems impossible now to NOT be aware of everything from my breathing down to my grippy toes!" Tony

"I find you to be an excellent teacher and it’s evident that you are very knowledgeable about what you teach.  You have an upbeat, positive way of imparting your knowledge.  I say keep it up!  It’s obviously what you are meant to do." Karen Kinakin

"I started taking your classes this time last year with the primary goal of working on my flexibility and body alignment. I have gotten so much more than I bargained for out of your classes. There is rarely a class that goes by when you don’t feed me a though provoking message to reflect on. The whole concept of embracing weaknesses was foreign to me, but I am finding it is helping me with the compatible messages of acceptance and letting go. Much like the poses themselves, the repetition of these amazing messages is very beneficial for me. I find I can catch myself engaging in unproductive emotional responses and I can let go more easily now.  I am grateful for your continued guidance." Carolyn Reynolds

"I had to thank you again, Kerry, for such a fantastic class last night. I felt fantastic, throughextremely challenged, not just physically, but mentally, last night. I really felt like a first time student, though, when I think about it, I always feel like it's the first time. I was so grateful to learn some new adjustments that made all the difference in the world (and really, I am trying to keep those shoulders down).What I also noticed, and really wanted to say, was how much joy you bring to the class with your own personalteaching style, and I can tell, just from joining you over the past year and half, how you have evolved also, in your great guidance and teaching.  It was meant to be!!!" Sue Gaskell
"I want to thank you for being such an inspiration and amazing role model. Your sincere joy and appreciation for life is so refreshing and I am grateful to have opportunities to take part in your wonderful classes. I wish you the best of luck with your continued learning and know that the world is a better place because of wonderful people like you!" 

"Thank you for being so upbeat and positive every week kerry" Steven Doyle

"Kerry, I want to say you are so valuable to society as a Yoga Instructor!" Teresa Adair

 "Thanks for the beautiful day on Saturday.  I really appreciate your knowledge of and commitment to what you do.  I'm very excited that we have someone like you here in Trail."  RaNae Nicholls

  "Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how grateful I am to have my foundation of yoga knowledge developed by you. I also checked out a different studio/instructor every week to see where I would like to continue my practice. I found a couple instructor's I could totally relate to and a few not so much :) but every time I left class I felt so grateful for you, so I just wanted to let you know that. You do incredible work. What you taught me will come with me always.Thank-you so much." Nykayla Green

"Thank you so much for the workshop. It was informative, it opened me up to some new ideas and I would definitely like to try some new practices that I hadn’t considered before." Sherry Sheppard

 "What a fantastic class on Sunday – i love it!  I really embraced your teaching  - and my body and heart thank you." Kimberley Pegg

" I am equally grateful to have you as my teacher, you keep me inspired and I am honoured to be able to practice Yoga with you.  I know you say non attachment,but I would be untruthful if I didn't say I am attached to your classes, and look so forward to them," Sue Gaskell

"Thanks again for an incredible yoga class. My leg feels great, but so does my neck, back, even my sinuses. Wow. I feel like this gentle flow yoga might be one of the best things a person can do post-operatively for rehab....thank you for all your cues and feedback during class, and for helping me modify poses.  You are a yoga instructor and physiotherapist rolled into one." Lynne James

"Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful classes- I look forward to them all week! your adjustments are a gift as well-your presence is very calming. In gratitude, Carolyn"

 "Thank you Kerry, for keeping us so well informed.  Although I've only had the pleasure of being to a few of your outdoor classes this year, I have to say I have loved them and look forward to many more.  Thank you." Sue Gaskell

"I have made previous attempts to practice yoga through classes and DVDs. There was always a physical benefit, but in Kerry's class I get much more. It is a non-competitive environment where there is encouragement and support for all levels of expertise. I would highly recommend this class to anyone."  S.J.

 "Just wanted to say what a fantastic yoga teacher you are, and how Wednesday practice brings such a calmness that I can carry with me through out the rest of the week. It's been very helpful."  Rachel Thomas

 "Great session last night- sorted my grumbling knee and achy back!!!" Peter

  "This was great, i'd take it again in a heartbeat. The session was great, a good length and it got the abs going which was nice. I haven't really started anything big in terms of detox since, but it just made me more aware of what a detox was, how to go about it the right way." Petra Allen