Community Yoga

Yoga Therapy classes happening in the Greater Trail community! 

For more information please email Kerry at 

Yoga for Stroke Recovery

Through the Greater Trail Stroke Recovery Association. 

Free Yoga classes offered 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at the 1st Presbyteran Church, Trail from 11:45am-12:45pm. 

Gentle yoga classes for stroke recovery students and their care-givers. The goal of yoga for Stroke Recovery is to provide empowering tools for strengthening, calming, balancing and centering the mind and body in a safe, supportive and warm environment in which both the care-givers and students can experience the mindbody benefits of Yoga. 

Yoga for SR is practiced mainly seated with some standing postures using the chair for balance. Classes include self-awareness practices such as body scan and breath scan and meditation, as well as gentle movement for the whole body including right/left side balancing, strength, stretching, and standing balance work. As well, the yoga class includes deep breathing for increased circulation and relaxation of the nervous system, hand exercises for focus and small muscle movement work, and deep relaxation to calm and center the mind and body. The sessions are open to everyone, no previous experience needed. Kerry will adapt and adjust the practices to suit all levels! 

Yoga for Acute Psychiatry

Through the Daly Pavillion at KBRH

Yoga therapy sessions held weekly from 1-2pm on Thursdays at the Daly Pavilion and 3-4pm at Harbour House in Trail. 

These chair yoga sessions include a combination of gentle physical movement, relaxing breathwork, meditation and deep relaxation. The goal of these sessions is to provide the clients with empowering tools for self-management and self-regulation techniques to help themselves feel better and stronger, mentally and physically. The safe, warm and accepting environment is an enriching environment for the clients to experience yoga therapy and experience a sense of connection, calm and balance within themselves.