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 *Workshops are a wonderful way to discover Yoga in depth, have opportunities to ask questions, receive personalized adjustments, and be a part of a supportive, welcoming and compassionate group of Yogi's!

 *Workshops may be cancelled due to low registration, so please register early if you are interested in attending! 

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Getting Unstuck: 2 part series

Part 1: *New Date! Sunday March 20th 3-6pm $60 

Move with greater ease and freedom through somatics, joint freeing series and purposeful, intelligent stretching techniques. As well this workshop will explore why we get "stuck" physically with tightness in our muscles, pain in our joints and learn some of the root causes on a biopsychosocial level as well as some practical techniques to help ourselves get "unstuck" and begin to move with greater ease and freedom. This workshop will include; educational component, physical practice (JFS, somatics, Mindful stretching) as well as relaxation techniques and breathing techniques.  

Part 2: Sunday April 10th 3-6pm $60

Everyday Mindfulness practices for improved mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing. This workshop will explore the ways of our mind and techniques for cultivating greater awareness of our patterns, habits and conditionings and then through education and practice learn techniques for letting go and "Getting Unstuck" while simultaneously developing positive, healthy new habits of the mind as you build greater resiliency and self-regulation techniques. This workshop will include self-awareness practices, guided meditation, educational component, relaxation techniques, Yoga Nidra and breathing techniques.   


Intro to Mindfulness

Have you wanted to learn more about mindfulness and the practices to help cultivate greater mindfulness in your every day life? In this workshop we will explore a variety of mindfulness practices to help you develop skills, knowledge and experiences in practical and useful tools for enhanced, positive wellbeing. Mindfulness practices have been shown to help reduce stress, the cycles of stressful living, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, chronic illness, addictions, sleep disorders, mood swings/mood disorders, and negative/harmful habits &reactivity. Mindfulness practices can help increase positive traits such as compassion, kindness, empathy, love, joy, happiness and a sense of freedom and ease in every day life. As well, mindfulness practices help to build resiliency and self-efficacy to help you gracefully manage future stresses and challenges that may come up in one’s life.

This empowering workshop is open to everyone, no previous experience necessary, and to all ages 10years+ (mindfulness practices are really helpful for children and teens dealing with stress and anxiety).

Please bring: Yoga mat, blanket, cushion (meditation cushion), water & tea mug, journal/pen. 

Yoga for Healing Weekend Retreat

August 21-23rd, 2015    KP Hall, 942 Eldorado St. Trail, BC 

$195 (includes lunch on Saturday)

Join us for a nourishing, rejuvenating and cleansing weekend of healing mind, body and soul. Dedicate time to yourself for renewing your body and mind. Yoga for Healing weekend will be time dedicated to learning and experiencing yoga therapy practices to help reduce the stress response in the body by calming the nervous system and allowing you to heal from the inside out. Through the immersion setting you will experience and cultivate greater self-awareness and and more deeper sense of your own innate healing capabilities. Yoga for Healing is relevant for all levels of yoga practitioner and especially for those looking to move into the deeper, more subtle elements of yoga. 

Yoga practices will include meditation, deep relaxation, restorative yoga, mindful movement, pranayama, yoga nidra, mantra's, Yoga Philosophy, hand mudra's, body awareness, Ayurveda, somatic movement and more. Full weekend includes a catered, healthy lunch on Saturday. 

Friday 6-8pm, Saturday 9-4pm, Sunday 9-12pm 

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 Yoga for Stress Management       

Sunday March 25th 3-6pm KP Hall  $60   

Therapeutic Yoga Techniques for Managing Stress and Stress Related Disorders

We all experience some levels of stress in our lives, there is the "good" stress which helps us get up in the day and get moving, then there is the harmful stress. When we live chronically in this state of heightened chronic, harmful stress it can have negative effects on our body and minds. Everyone manifests stress differently and can show itself as digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, inflammatory disorders, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings, insomnia, migraine headaches, poorly functioning immune system, headaches, food/sugar/caffeine/alcohol cravings/addictions, high blood dpressure, autoimmune disorders, and other stress-related (psychosomatic) disorders. 

Yoga for Stress Management is a workshop using Therapeutic Yoga principles such as; calming breathwork, hand mudra's, Yoga Nidra, body/mind awareness scans, gentle movement, restorative yoga, meditation and deep relaxation. 

The ancient practice of yoga empowers us with practical and life changing tools to help us become aware of our triggers and stress responses and make conscious choices to reduce our stress levels and help change and reverse the negative chain reaction that stress has on our bodies and mind. 

Join me for an informative and empowering afternoon of therapeutic yoga designed to give you the tools for reducing stress and helping you live optimally in your life. 

**For everyone, no previous Yoga experience necessary

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 Yoga for Chronic Pain

Session #1: Pelvis & Lower Body           Sun. Feb.15th 3-6pm KP Hall $60 

Session #2: Spine & Upper Body           Sun. Feb.22nd 3-6pm KP Hall $60   

*therapeutic yoga techniques for managing chronic pain and its symptoms

Yoga for pain management is for anyone dealing with chronic pain from injury, misalignments in the body, car accidents, inflammatory issues, postural related problems, compressions, soft tissue injuries, tension related headaches or migraines, sciatica, SI joint problems, plantar fasciitis, instabilities in the spine due to pregnancy, or injury or chronic misuse and any other type of chronic pain that is limiting your functional movement and ability to thrive in your life.

Yoga for pain management is a systematic and therapeutic approach that can be used to help reduce pain, and empower you to help prevent pain from re-occuring. The tools used are simplistic in nature but require some practice and motivation to implement the techniques into your lifestyle and make the changes necessary to help you get out of pain. The tools include; relaxation techniques, postural alignment work (functional movement), strengthening and stabilizing weak muscles and joints, and then stretching and releasing overly tight muscles. This series will use these 4 techniques to first explore the lower body mechanics in the feet, ankle, knees and pelvis. The second workshop will include the back, shoulders and neck. The principles are the same and they will build from one workshop to the next. As well, we’ll explore holistically connecting the upper and lower body by looking at upper and lower cross syndrome and learning how the body is interconnected, meaning that if you feel pain in the back, there could be something happening at the pelvis that may be aggravating the back.

**For everyone, no previous yoga experience necessary

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